Happy New Year, world!

I’ve heard good and bad about making resolutions. I really don’t think it’s in bad form to make them, but rather than make a list of things that I may or may not accomplish in the next 12 months, I’d rather do one thing that is, effectively, accomplished the moment I press “publish”: start this blog.

I have spent the past few years becoming familiar with blogs. I have subscribed to thousands of them. The topics were very diverse. I like to read about a lot of things. I have many interests. Similarly, I have studied many different subjects; I have graduate degrees in three different areas. And while I LOVE to learn, and hope to never stop, it is the same thing that makes me want to learn about so many different things, that is both a strength and a weakness for me. By being so “diversified” in my interests and studies, I’m conversant in many areas. But professionally, and perhaps a bit socially, I’m retarded. And yes, that was the word I meant to use. The root of that word is the same as the Italian musical term ritardando (slowing down). I have inadvertently slowed my progression (in whatever field I choose to excel) because I have so many interests and such diverse capabilities (or, perhaps, training is a better way to put it) that I feel somewhat like a deer in the headlights: frozen, perhaps with a little fear, unable to move left or right, run in the opposite direction or even toward the light. It’s time that I learn to walk in some direction, because being frozen, even enjoying the many different views, is not the way I want to spend the rest of my life. It is my intention, partly through this blog, to move forward, or left, or right… Any movement is progress. And this progress may take many forms. This blog is not categorized as any one type. It will include topics such as travel, languages, language pedagogy, books, holistic health, vegetarianism, spirituality, social justice, music, instructional design, psychology, animal welfare, medieval history, personal finance, voice, and ecology. Perhaps more.

It is my intention to, with una vocis, (Latin for [with] one voice), find my voice.

Happy New Year to all! May 2010 be full blessings, hope, and happiness.


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