OK. I’ve started the blog, found a decent theme, and now I need to start cleaning up and decorating a bit. I will add my own header after I’ve made time to make one. I also need to scour about to find exactly which widgets or links should be here on the page… but not so many that it looks cluttered.

I have also started a list of article topics. That’s really what pushed me into the “may as well start your blog now” thing. I haven’t written them yet, but just off the top of my head I realized I had about 40, give or take. I was honestly shocked.  The things that are sure to give me fodder for my corner of cyberspace? My 2 ridiculously adorable cats (one of whom I swear is a dog; and that’s not even the one who plays fetch); my own middle name (“Grace.” No, I’m kidding.); my dislike of large gatherings or crowds (and subsequent handling of those situations); typos that I make; linguistic faux pas that I make in one of a number of languages; the way I “listen like a foreigner,” as a good friend of mine coined my sometimes-embarrassing-but-always-unintended miscomprehension of something someone has said; my naivete (refreshing for someone who has reached, and passed, the much-maligned 30-year-marker) and associated gullibility. I think that’s enough description of how I will come up with things for this blog 🙂

I’m always open to ideas, however!


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