Finding my true… South?

I recently wanted to switch from cable TV to Direct TV. In other words, satellite. I called, checked the pricing, and even got a referral from a friend, which would save me $10 more / month. (I was still going to stick w/ the cable internet). I was told that the person coming to install it would need either verbal or written permission from my apt. manager stating that s/he could install the satellite dish. I made the phone call: no problem, as long as it was “installed” on a tripod. I don’t know what made me think to ask at the last minute, but I asked if there were any special conditions that I needed in order to get reception, or to have the dish installed. I was told, “Just one. You must have a clear, unobstructed view, or the ability to get a view of the southern sky.”

Well, since my balcony practically faces due north, I thought I might be out of luck. I did some checking online with various maps including Google Maps and confirmed my fears: I would be unable to get satellite.

So I had to stay with my cable company. But the reason I chose to write about this here is because my reason for starting this blog is analogous to my attempt at getting satellite TV: By exploring my various interests and abilities, I hope to find my own southern sky; I know I can get signals from all over, but finding the right one(s) is what I’m still trying to do.

Una vocis: with one voice.

I’m trying.


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