40 days of posts

I have thought of a way to make myself a plan, and, at the same time, more accountable for writing in a more structured way on this blog. I said at the beginning of the year (lo, these many weeks ago) that I would not make any resolutions, per se, but would attempt to write faithfully in this blog, whether that was every day, a few times a week, or even once a week.

So, with Lent starting this Wednesday, I have decided, in addition to a few spiritual pursuits I’d like to strengthen or take up, to post daily in this blog. Now, to be 40 days, this, of course, excludes Sundays during Lent. I will promise only to post for the 40 days of Lent, and not during the Sundays of Lent, so as to keep the nice round number of 40.

I do realize the irony of this 40-day blog-a-thon. It’s much more more common to read that someone has given up technology (be it email, cell phone, chatting, etc.) during Lent, than it is for someone to add some sort of daily technology to his/her life. But I believe that whatever it is one does (giving up or taking on) for Lent, the entire purpose is not one of going without something or even of suffering (Lent is a season of penance), though it can certainly involve both. I think that Lent is inherently meant for those who practice it to focus more on the message of Easter.  It is a time of preparation for Easter. The way each person is able to focus more or reflect more is individual. For me, it certainly will involve reading and contemplation, but I think that taking on a 40-day assignment, if you will, not only allows me to concentrate my thoughts of the day in one place, in an orderly format, but also helps me build a habit that I’d begun (or wanted to begin) developing earlier this year.

So, no, my 40-day blog-a-thon will not be topically spiritual. But the reason behind it is rooted in the coming season.

Do you practice Lent? If so, what do you typically give up/take on? If not, have you ever considered giving up or taking on a practice for a specific amount of time? What was it? Were you successful? Did you have any epiphanies into your psyche when you were through?


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