Day 1

So here goes the first day of “40 days of blogging.” This morning I attended the 8 am Ash Wed. service because tonight I will be attending a class at my local Red Cross that I’ve already paid for and that has been rescheduled twice. Since it’s firmly on for this evening, I had to decide to either go to an Ash Wed. service at ALL, or just observe it on my own. It is not a Holy Day of Obligation (which means ya gotta go).

Thoughts: I don’t want to get too woo woo, but sometimes when I think of something, out of curiosity, the/an answer comes within minutes. It’s a little freaky… I must say. But it’s kinda cool. Today while singing in the choir section at church (I’m pretty new to the choir, but not to singing), I wondered to myself if I’d ever be asked to cantor. (This means to help lead the congregation in singing.) Of course everyone in our choir is lovely, and I’m happy to sing a solo once in a while. But I won’t lie: I would also like to lead a bit. Not just because I’m capable of it, but also because the current cantors (who do a very good job) are not classically trained performers. And that’s great! I think it’s great that non-singers also lead. That’s the whole point, I think. To get everyone involved. But I also think it’s nice, once in a while, if you have access to a trained singer, to use him/her. The problem is that I am so new, and I don’t want to suggest myself because I don’t want to seem forward. Or appear as the classic diva. That sort of attitude is just ugly and gives singers a bad name. At the same time, I don’t want to discourage the idea of asking me. But how to balance the whole “choose me” vs “I’m not asking” thing is awkward. Today that awkwardness ended. Just after we finished the service, I was thinking, um, Big Guy.. that was kinda cool. A little spooky, but cool. Thanks!

What are some things that you have experienced, in any environment, that have made you think that the universe is a little spooky? In a good way 🙂


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