Day 3.5 – When to say when

Tonight, while spending time with friends, we discussed our mutual unhappiness at our jobs. (We all work together.) It’s a blessing to have a secure job in this economy. I am very aware of that. But to have to stay at a job that doesn’t add to your life, but rather makes you feel trapped… That’s not a way to live life. Discussing this and other topics, I realize more and more that while it is important to be employed and be able to take care of yourself, it’s equally, if not more important to be at least content, if not thrilled, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, as well. As I get older, I do realize, also, that we are responsible for much of how we view the world and our place in it. But we can only “see” the world pretty to a certain extent. There are things that are completely out of our control. If it’s a working condition, or a software program, or a piece of furniture, then we can most likely work around it. If it’s the head of your division or your supervisor, we’re out of luck. There is no “higher up” than this higher up. Anything said to this person’s boss is eventually leaked back to them “anonymously.” (This has happened in the past.) So my question is, at which point do you decide that you’ve done all you can, that you have changed your reactions, your schedule, you avoid this person, etc., everything possible so that you can do your job in relative peace? I think three and a half years is enough.

Of course this decision didn’t come overnight, and the transition to my next position won’t come overnight. But the planning has begun. I’ve got only one life to live, and staying a place where my colleagues and I are treated like stowed-away toilet paper, needed until they’ve used us up, is not how I want to spend even one more week of this precious gift of life I was given.

What have you had to deal with at work? Has anything or anyone ever been bad enough for you to consider leaving or actually leave?



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2 responses to “Day 3.5 – When to say when

  1. Red

    My last job was the first one I quit. I had a boss who told me he cared about my schooling but took advantage of the fact that I was idealistic and young. He fired the only other reporter at our paper and gave her load to me. I stayed for 10 months after that, and he would require me to miss class for a meeting or have me cover up his affair from his wife (who I had to work with because she was a source for many stories). It got to the point that I said to myself, “You know what? Life is too short to do a job that you don’t even like.” So I gave my notice and left. Haven’t looked back since!

    Good for you for taking the steps to remove yourself from a bad environment!

    • I haven’t made the change yet πŸ™‚ but the plans have been put into serious motion. I attended a job faire last week, I’ll be flying 3,000 miles to attend a national job faire in a few weeks (I’m crazy like that), and I’ve begun the long application process for another great opportunity. At the same time, I’m trying to stay involved with friends and my employment community as long as I’m here. It’s hard for me. I always romanticize the past and dream about the future. I’m not a realist by nature.
      I’m sorry about your last job. It sounds like the conditions and situations you were put in were awful. But don’t you agree that at least it’s good to make the experiences count for something? It seems that experience taught you a lot about yourself, what you would and wouldn’t accept, and who you would and wouldn’t like to be. I’m still finding out πŸ™‚
      Good for you for taking the steps to remove yourself from a bad environment!

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