Day 7 – Communication

So a freelancing gig that I was to begin last night, then tonight, fell through. I’m totally all right with not working this week. I already have a full-time day job. But this has been a little bit frustrating. I first contacted the person who posted the opportunity last week. We played phone tag for a few days then agreed to talk Friday evening. I was told I’d be contacted sometime Monday. Sunday evening I get a call asking me again for my availability. I tell him again. He wants to know if I’ll take a sample on Monday so as to know how quickly I might get the work done. I say yes, no problem. Then… <crickets> … nothing. Not a call or an email on Monday. Nor today. Until late this afternoon. He says that he wants to make sure of my availability tonight. I said that since he didn’t send me anything yesterday, I can now only work two nights instead of three. Thursdays I have a standing commitment. Not a problem, he says. He asks me to call or email him as soon as I get home so he can send me a sample and then the full assignment. I get home and email. 30 minutes later, no response. I call him. The next 15-20 minutes or so is basically spent by him telling my what had happened. He received the product yesterday, the company was swamped. He just lined up someone to take the final batch approximately an hour before I called him.

Is this a problem? No. Not at all. Is it frustrating? Yes. Because while I’m not reliant upon this job, and while I’m doing it mostly for the experience (read: resume), I still made sure to keep these three evenings open. And though I was called today, it ended up being very misleading. At no point was I told that I wouldn’t be given any work or even that there was a chance I’d not be given any work. When someone has a busy schedule (heck, even if you aren’t incredibly overbooked!), common courtesy demands that you contact them somehow. Phone, email, whatever.

Long story short, he apologized, and I told him it wasn’t a problem, the work. Just that I’d appreciate better communication next time. He agreed.

So, y’all: make sure you communicate well. Even leaving a voice mail is better than zip-a-doodle. It almost doesn’t matter what the issue is. If communication is maintained, almost anything you can imagine will go more smoothly.


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