Day 8 – You lose some, you lose some

So I did some freelance work this evening. It was with a new client, and he’d asked me to be “flexible” in my pricing. I’d asked him how “flexible” he was.  He wasn’t. I decided, OK, I’ll work to build this new relationship and start a little lower than I’d normally accept. As long as the work got done.

I did only a portion of the work we’d agreed on. First, as I posted yesterday, the person had placed all of the work with someone else. So after much talk, it seemed my services were not needed. And that really was totally OK.

So this afternoon he calls me and tells me he does need my help. “No problem,”I say. We agree on an amount of work, and he sends it. I start this evening at 5:45 p.m. I finish at 10 p.m. I will not repeat the words that came out of my mouth. Because of my being “flexible,” and his not being “flexible,” I made LESS than $20 in 4.25 hours. That’s not even half of minimum wage in some places.

Needless to say I will NOT be accepting similar work from this client in the future unless he quadruples the rate he offered this evening. I seriously don’t know how anyone can do the work and still make money to live. It is impossible.

Has anyone else been “flexible” in an attempt to gain a client and later regretted it?


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