Day 15 – Friends

I consider myself lucky to have the friends I do. I know I can count on them in a bind. But when you work with most of your friends… let’s just say it can get sticky.

Outside of work, I’m friends with all of my friends (I know that sounds odd). But at work, especially with me being on my new “journey” and all, I am finding myself not being the way I normally am (was?). (OK that last sentence was reminiscent of Wicked’s famous song “Popular”.) I still like these people, but recent weeks have brought about some interesting information about people I call friends (and still consider as such). These people are able to separate their work and private lives so well that they will either lie or at least hide information (or not be forthcoming) from their friends while at work. This is hard for me. I’m learning, though. I’m following suit. And when someone asks me “Are you OK?” what am I to think? That my change is “working”? Or that it’s not working? I don’t want to be so obviously emotionally removed that I appear cold to people who otherwise usually get laughs out of me or chat with me on a break once or twice a week. But at the same time, I do want to be less in “friend” mode and more in “work” mode when I’m at work.

So does toning down my effervescent nature make me appear the bitch? Hmm. I honestly don’t know. I definitely want to continue practicing this professional Unavocis before I begin in any new line of employment. I want to be friendLY but not friend at work. Friend is for after hours.

Am I wrong? Do you disagree? How do you balance personal and work life? Do you work with your friends or family? What about your spouse?


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