Day 24.5 – Scarfless and content

Well, I ended up not getting a scarf. I don’t think there was one where I was (I’m used to flying internationally where you can find just about anything at a major airport). But my coat was enough. The shuttle to the airport was decent, though I got a sore neck (as usual). I was able to sleep a little, which was good considering I got up at 4:30.
The flight was, well, quite posibly one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve had on a plane. Though my flight was domestic, it was the first leg of a 2-leg flight to Venice (ah, that beautifully romantic, though stinky, city). SO the individual seat screens we had was 100 percent free. We had our choice of about 10 movies, 7 or 8 of them current releases. I figured that I saved even more money than usual: a ridiculously affordable flight AND $20 in films đŸ™‚ I even stared Up in the Air, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish it since I only had 40 minutes or so til we would land.
At first I was dismayed that I was in a middle seat, but the girls (thank you, Lord) who sat on either side of me were nice, quiet, and petite, so we all did just fine. (I’m not against men in any way. I LOVE men. But when sitting in a confined area, so close to strangers for over 5 hours… I just feel more comfortable with women/females.)
So the airfare, the movies, the quiet company and relatively painless flight? I was very pleased with the entire thing. Once I landed, I had a taxi and was on my way to my hotel within 25 minutes.
Early to bed, now, even with the time difference. I’ve got an early morning (3 a.m., my time).


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