Day 30 – Namaste

So tonight while at choir practice, as we were about to leave, we all noticed a strange man who’d somehow gotten into the room (forget that the door was open). He was tall, dressed in ragged clothing, and reeked of alcohol. It was quickly clear to us all that he was likely homeless. (It’s ironic that a men’s AA group meets right next door to our choir…) We all talked to him, prayed with him, and even sang a little “Amen” chorus. He then said his good-byes to everyone, and we headed out to our cars.
I realized the entire time that I had a smile plastered to my face. I wasn’t scared at all. Sure, I was curious about how he got in and how we would get him out, but I somehow knew that I would safely get home. It’s also fitting that this happened on church grounds. I chatted with another choir member and we discussed the Biblical teaching of seeing the Christ in others (“I was hungry and you fed me. I was naked and you clothed me.”). It wasn’t until tonight that I made the connection between that and the Sanskrit greeting “Namaste.” While the latter literally means “I bow to you,” it has also been associated with yoga, Indian spitiuality, etc., and can be used as “I acknowledge (the) God in you.” Tonight, we did just that. We didn’t throw some strange, drunk man out, though he clearly did not belong in there — on the other hand, didn’t he?
So that is something that I needed, and that I hope not soon to forget: to acknowledge God in others, as (S)He is in me.


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