Day 33 – Back to it

This morning’s service was the last of the Scrutinies for the Elect before Holy Week officially begins next Sunday. I enjoyed it, but it was a little long. It reminded me of the process I went through a few years ago.
As for regular life, it returns tomorrow. An early appointment, work, a lunchtime walk, and then home to my girls.
I also didn’t want to let today’s post end without mentioning today’s historic vote in Congress. People have strong opinions on both sides. While I’m not sure the bill was the best way to address this country’s health insurance problems (and there are MANY), I honestly think that something had to be done. And knowing our history, the likelihood that the debate would be as heavy as it is now soon after the failure to pass a type of health care reform is, unfortunately, very low. So now, at least something has been done. The debate can never go away again. But now, rather than debating IF it should exist, we can, as a country, debate the type of reform we (will) have, as well as adapt it to our own flavor of “universal” health care, whatever that may be.


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