Day 34 – The mystery caller

Today at work, with less than an hour til the end of the day, I got a phone call. It was the “Unknown Caller” so I didn’t answer, as is my habit. I checked the voice mail and it was from a prospective employer.
About a month ago or so, some friends nd I went to a local career faire. I dropped off a few resumes, and nothing came of it. Or so I thought. I will return the person’s call tomorrow morning. The call is just to “answer a few questions,” so I do not expect any inquiry for employment. But still… this entity wouldn’t bother calling if they weren’t at least serious about finding out some specific information regarding my education, abilities, or other qualifications. So we shall see. I’m curious but have no expectations of any kind. I’m learning the hard way that while it’s good to be positive and upbeat, it’s perhaps healthier and easier on your heart and immune system to not have too many expectations. This does depress me, but the alternative is worse: getting stuck in some airport and spending far too much on a one-way ticket.


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