Day 40 – Imperfect success

Well, uhem, it appears I miscounted. Not consecutively, but the days of Lent. Apparently I forgot that the Sundays in Lent don’t count as “Lent.” That is, they are normal “days of obligation,” but are not part of the official 40 days of Lent. (If I’m mistaken, someone please correct me and cite your source.)

So, today would have been, consecutively, day 40, but then one must count the next 3 days (well, today, Tues. and Wed.), and I guess not count Ash Wednesday, or something. Because technically Lent has 40 days. I take full blame/responsibility for my lack of Lenten counting ability. You see, I was not raised in a liturgical church, so it wasn’t until I was 23 or so that I’d even really understood what “Lent” was. (You mean it’s not the stuff in your belly button?) So, though my count was off, the point of this exercise really has worked, I think. And though I didn’t make every single daily post, I think having an imperfect Lenten journey is the sincerest kind. So I’m  OK with it not being perfect. That is not to say, however, that I don’t want to do better next year on whatever I choose to take up or give up for Lent.

So, now that the end is in sight, how did your Lenten journey go? Were you imperfectly successful?


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